Love or Fear

In every moment that encompasses us, we make a choice.  This choice however subtle or obvious, conscious or unconscious it may be, a choice is being made. These moments change our lives and the lives around us; they change the character of our beings.  The quality of choices in our lives are in the eye of the beholder and we make them out of love or out of fear.  They are both contagious  and spread like wild windy forest fires: consequently, each will take us in an opposite direction of the other.  Fear shuts down our connection from each other and the living world around us and creates separation.  We make choices that will hinder and hurt ourselves and others in some way be it intentional or not.  Choices made out of love expands us from the inside out.  We connect with others, and with other living beings on our planet and creates unity.  Choices from love elevates us to help and elevate others; we pass on the love and light in this way.  In being more aware of myself, I found that I made a lot of choices out of fear of loss.  I let my fear keep me in a lower level of consciousness and in selfishness.  Now I work on this more as sometimes I have to ask myself ” is this right?”..  Ask the head then ask the heart and you will likely get two different answers.  Choose love in every moment in every choice you make. 


  1. Pepe · December 3, 2013

    Wow! This is so awesome. You write really well. I’m jealous : ). This particular writing is so relevant to my life. I know that I’m where I’m at because of my choices. Mostly choices that weren’t thought through. Choices that once I’ve suffered the consequence I’ve realized how easy it would have been to just make the better, more beneficial choice. My choices have effected a lot of people, usually not in a positive way either. I have a lot of regret because of choices I’ve made. I totally got a fortune cookie about choices the other day that I keep in my wallet now. You’re super awesome at this!!!

    • katimaginary · December 3, 2013

      Thanks for liking my post. I write from what I have learned from personal experiences. Synchronicity; life is your teacher.

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