Mind, body, spirit and soul; the elements of my being that make me whole


Heart… my ability to love everything at first site all over again in each moment

Perception… to see Earth as one of a multitude of paintings created in this grand universe

Gaia… to smell, see, touch, hear, and taste the life of nature that the mother breathes from her core of her center

Mind… I can manifest a dream where fun and happiness are my only options

Body… having a divine temple to do the work that I came back to fulfill:  love and service

Spirit… connecting with those of you who are me: humanity

Soul… to merge beyond the infinite; heal a longing my soul cries for

Gratitude… what I have right now is the grace of the universe; I need no more of no less in this moment

Harmony… all aspects of life join melodiously in unity

Balance… using my life as a flow of dance with each step complimentary to the rest


Wholeness is connecting all the pieces of the puzzle.

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