Moving Valentines into the Heart

Valentines Day is a beautiful day.  You can buy flowers, chocolates, a day or night in the town, a greetings card, candy, etc, for those you love.  It is a fun way of looking at love and showing it to others.  Many dislike Valentines day because they do not have a significant other, or because ” I can show love to my wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend any day of the year” as I have heard many say over the years.  Yes, that is quite true.  The beautiful thing about Valentines Day is love, the intention to love and be love.  Want a new way of seeing?  Here you go:  make Valentines Day as a day of intention to love deeper from the center of your heart.  Tell yourself you will love a little bit deeper everyday; show compassion and kindness everyday.  Do not have a significant other?  Love your pets, plants, friends, family, and neighbors deeper from your heart.  Show do random acts of kindness, or tell someone you love them without wanting or needing a return response.  Visualize the planet Earth in the palm of your hands and send it love from your heart in the form of white light, pink light, or beautiful white doves.  Go out into nature and tell Mother Earth you love her and make the intention to treat her better and all the animals with kindness.  These are some examples of ways to show love on Valentines Day that come from your heart and not just from your wallet, or holding a bitterness within.  When we switch the way we see it, we find that we can celebrate the day to give even more love, and even more love after that.  There is plenty to love, but remember to show love to yourself because you are love too.  

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