Letter of Mystery

It’s an out of the ordinary day

I get up, freshen up, and go outdoors to meet the bursting rays

With my notebook and hot coffee in hand

I walk across the moist grass, through the breezy wind, and find the perfect bench for myself to land

Not so surprisingly, I see paper floating around from the wind

Out of spontaneity, I pick one up to read it, and out of it grew an enormous grin

I though “what do I do with such a masterpiece that has been free to float around”

When such words made me giggle, made me feel free, and want to ecstatically dance around

I felt alive- empowered as though the good lord has left such a message for me

Forever I will know who it was for will remain a mystery

One comment

  1. isabeltowers · June 6, 2014

    Nice twist not to reveal the contents. Nice and short too.

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