Happy Salad

I remember one evening going out to dinner with my which included my mother, two sisters, my aunt, and her boyfriend to a restaurant that I had never been to before.  It was in the neighborhood a few blocks away.  Being about ten years old, it seemed like fine dining to me.  The restaurant was lit just perfectly -not too light like a fast food joint, but not to dark like a place for romance.  The table setting had the plates, silver wear, the water cups, butter, and all the things one would see in a “nice wait to be seated” dining-in eatery.  The first part of the meal, the salads and appetizers came around.  I was not much for salad as a kid, but for some odd reason I was into it that night.  I do not remember for the life of me what was for the main course, what I had to drink besides water, or what people around me were saying and doing.  Some how I can remember finding a new love that very evening: Russian Salad Dressing.  OMG, the color was a deeper shade of red, and the flavor felt more lavish, sophisticated, or grown up if you will.  My norm for salad dressing would be the Thousand Island dressing because that’s what tasted really good to me.  What inspired me to try that particular one I cannot say.  It may have been the only option at the table, it may have been the color, I could not say even to this day.  The flavor burst in my mouth and I was in love with the Russian Dressing.  After that I became obsessed with hoping that my mother would by it when we went to do our grocery shopping.  I thought about that dressing a lot.  It was such a beautiful thing to me.


  1. Put It Together 4 U · June 15, 2014

    You definitely titled this one perfectly! Your happy came from the change in dressing; my happy came from the addition of croutons. Who knew that dried bread could effect change in a salad?
    You have a new follower. I’m looking forward to more from you! 😀
    ~ Angela

    • katimaginary · June 15, 2014

      Thank you, lol. Isnt it amazing how the small changes can make you whole world a different place. Glad you liked it.

  2. alzheimerswife · June 15, 2014

    You made me laugh because kids are just like this – a discovery then an obsession!

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