Reflection of an Onion

sunset 2

In the midst of the chaos of my mind, I took a look at a yellow onion.  My mind stopped and I saw the world.  The onion was covered in the shredded and torn brown paper that once protected it.  It was the Earth covered in thick debris causing layers of harm to the inner layers of our planet.  I peeled away the outer paper.  Underneath was a layer of onion rotten with dark spots and torn skin.  It was the Earth bruised by the torture inflicted upon her by us.  I peeled away that layer of skin.  And still, small brown rotted spots of skin.  It was the Earth penetrated by constant bombardment of abuse and neglect- our lack of care for her.  I peeled away another layer of skin.  It was shining, beautiful and perfect.  After I peeled away the rot, I noticed a bright green sprout that was growing out the top of the onion.  It was the Earth in harmony, in active creation.  She was healthy and giving birth to new life.

When we are in disharmony, we pollute our planet and she becomes sick.  It is a reflection of our own state of being.  In harmony she can thrive at her best potential which serves for us to be at our best potential.  Only in unity can we peel away the infected layers and unveil the beauty and stimulate healthy growth and creation.  We are the Earth.  In loving Her, we love Ourselves.

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