Love is the substance that binds everything in existence

It is above all senses

It can’t be seen or touched, it is odorless, tasteless, and without sound

Magically, I can see it in the sky

Can hear it in the ocean

Smell it in the mountains

Taste it in my fruit

Feel it in my skin

It is what makes me yearn and reach out beyond life

My heart grows arms and lifts them to eternity in its yearning to find the depths of where love comes from

The brown feathered white bellied hawk stands searched upon a light post in midmorning facing the full warm sun

The tree with intertwining twisting arms hug each other aiming to rise towards the zenith of our sphere

The ocean inches from the cliffs crashes its waves continuously into the shore rising and falling, drifting back into itself

It touches the heart and core off every being that was birthed out of love

It is the mother, the father, the brother, the sister

It is the friend, the foe, the neighbor, and stranger

We all seek with the unyielding desire to merge with the substance that we are

I will burn in my center, ache in my heart, laugh with joy, cry with tears in hopes that it’s gravity pulls my whole being into its center

And I become what I seek


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