Labels and Categories

This link above caught my eye very quickly, as a couple of days ago in my communications class I gave a short presentation called  How Others See Me and How I want to be Seen. You see, most of us identify with labels because we choose to, or because they are given to use by no choice of our own. We are very quick to say we are not something, yet are equally as quick to try to fit into something. And that’s just it. We have to feel we belong to something; it is our nature to want to belong to a community. We have gotten it a little out of sorts though and think we need to the labels to tell others and ourselves who we are when really they are not who we are at all.

In my presentation, I had two different collages. One was a representation of the labels, which I called characters, that have been associated with me by others and myself, and the other collage was a representation of how I would like others to see me.

wpid-wp-1423862050094.jpeg wpid-wp-1423862033856.jpeg

To reiterate my presentation, the first collage was an explanation of the characters that were associated with me. The second collage has a white person in the middle with a rainbow body around it. The middle is the blank canvas. The faces are just characters that I play at the moment I am wearing them. I can take them off at anytime because I can be anything at anytime. Just as a little girl can change the cloths and wigs of a doll, just as an actor/actress changes costumes with the change of character or scene, it is too so that I change characters and can remove them.

It is societal and family conditioning that we grow up with. But remember folks, no matter what you do, say, think, or how you feel in any moment, its something that you wear for the time being. You can take it off and put on something else, or you can be a blank canvas like the person standing in the middle of its different faces.  Have fun dressing up!



  1. lincahceria5 · February 14, 2015

    It’s interesting. My problem is that, I sometimes don’t know which character to play.

  2. Donna · February 13, 2015

    Very interesting and true. We are all who we are in that moment. I have found as I have gotten more mature, older whatever; I am who I am most of the time and don’t care to change my clothes as much. Enjoy the Journey

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