They Say Everything

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”



One wall, two wall, three wall, four
Oh the things they could tell you once you step beyond my door
Frogs, and bears, and tigers, and feathers
Swans with swords, and it only gets better
There are many things of color with phrases upon them
It speaks so simply but you must listen beyond them

Each piece on my walls from its whole are the parts
To see each one by one is to learn the way of my heart
Sometimes Id like to think I chose them, but they chose me
How they came into my life was all meant to be

One wall, two wall, three wall, four
They can speak the journeys of my life when you come through my door
Once in a night, they have told me of my ancient pasts
And of my wrongs, of my goods, and lord, of my bads.
They can tell you of my journeys of the dimensions we’ve been together
On my walls hang my friends that help me to remember

One trip around the walls is all you need to know
That love lives here and it what I use to grow.